In 2020, DPD UK announced its plans to provide the UK’s most sustainable delivery service. Sustainable delivery services are vitally important in the ongoing battle against climate change, and DPD aims to become the greenest delivery company in the UK.

Since their new plans were announced, DPD has made enormous strides towards becoming more sustainable across all aspects of the business. You can find all of the company plans, initiatives, changes and projects surrounding these objectives on the dedicated DPD Green website.

DPD UK offers expert green delivery services with the greenest credentials

DPD UK offers expert delivery services with the greenest credentials

Delivering high quality services to fulfil customers’ business needs will always remain the parcel delivery firm’s first priority.

However, as the UK’s most successful parcel delivery service, DPD takes its responsibility to move towards zero emissions seriously.

Here’s how they are becoming one of the most sustainable parcel delivery services in the UK.

DPD UK - waste reduction at DPD UK

Delivering a fleet of electric vehicles

DPD is busy building a large fleet of electric vans, creating the biggest fleet of electric delivery vehicles in the country.

It is essential that modern vehicles with low emissions and alternative vehicles, such as cargo bikes, are utilised, especially in city centres, to protect the environment.

Right now, DPD UK has a fleet of more than 1,000 electric vehicles already on the road.

By the end of 2021, the fleet (with some ultra-low emission vehicles) will be double the size.

DPD Investing millions into expanding the EV fleet

Investing millions into expanding the EV fleet

DPD recently placed an order for 750 eDELIVER delivery vans with vehicle manufacturer MAXUS. The order includes 500 long wheelbase 3.5 tonne electric vans and 250 of the smaller eDELIVER 3 vans and means that DPD’s delivery services will have more than 1,800 electric vehicles by the start of next year.

Investment in the growing fleet of ultra-low emission vehicles will continue into 2022, as DPD lowers its environmental impact on city centres and moves to improve air quality.

DPD Helping to lower emissions by expanding use of electric vehicles

Helping to lower emissions by expanding use of electric vehicles

To ensure its delivery services are based as near to customers as possible to cut down on fuel use, DPD is creating a network of all-electric micro-depots.

So far, there are four micro-depots up and running, with plans to open seven more across central London.

DPD is also working with local authorities across the country to expand this network of final mile micro-depots. This fulfils the needs of customers for same day deliveries with less harm to the environment.

This network is an example of the innovative solutions DPD uses to ensure that its part of the logistics industry is as green as possible.

Harmful traffic emissions are one of the most significant contributors to a delivery company’s carbon footprint. Environmentally friendly electric micro-depots will help reduce air pollution in city centres in a cost-effective way.

DPD's 25-25-25 vision for cities across the country

DPD’s 25-25-25 vision for cities across the country

On 28 July 2021, Oxford became DPD’s first all-electric city as part of its 25-25-25 vision, which will see 25 such cities by the year 2025.

Through this scheme, the delivery company will save 42,000 tonnes of CO² – the same as planting 170,000 trees.

Nine more cities will follow suit by the end of 2021, with DPD aiming for carbon neutral status in as many as possible.

DPD Measuring air pollution in cities with Project BREATHE

Measuring air pollution in cities with Project BREATHE

Same day deliveries, different delivery companies, business services and customers commuting to work and school all contribute to harmful emissions in city centres.

To ensure air quality is better for customers in general, DPD launched Project BREATHE in London in August 2020.

This involved the installation of 100 fixed sensors to measure the quality of the air within a certain range and 20 mobile sensors.

Since then, the green initiative has expanded to include Cardiff and Birmingham, with 120 sensors in place. The sensors are measuring harmful particulate matter (PM) 2.5 levels every 13 seconds.

DPD More cities will be added to Project BREATHE

More cities will be added to Project BREATHE

While DPD drivers make day-to-day delivery drop offs, the sensors collate data, which is then available to customers and local councils.

A further 150 sensors will soon be installed in Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow.

This green initiative is part of the Vision 25-25-25 strategy outlined above.

greenest delivery - Delivery of green packaging solutions

Delivery of green packaging solutions for greenest delivery

DPD delivers an enormous number of parcels every year.

This level of everyday delivery to businesses and individuals leads to the use of 36 million pieces of plastic packaging every year.

To deliver on its green pledge, DPD is changing the plastic bags used throughout the entire service to deliver parcels.

greenest delivery - Plastic waste is reduced through new initiatives.

Plastic waste is reduced through new initiatives

While ensuring goods are delivered in good condition, and undamaged remains important, DPD recognised the need to reduce the amount of plastic used to protect parcels.

DPD’s plastic bags are now 100% recyclable and made from 80% reclaimed material.

DPD also delivered on this by removing single use plastics and replacing them with reusable bottles for every delivery driver.

greenest delivery  - Reducing DPD's carbon footprint through waste management

Reducing DPD’s carbon footprint through waste management

A truly environmentally friendly parcel delivery service must also ensure that its waste is disposed of responsibly.

So, to ensure its green credentials, DPD has made sure that 100% of its waste avoids landfill.

Furthermore, in 2020 DPD recycled 260 tonnes of the plastic shrink wrap used to ensure same day deliveries are made to business and individual clients.

Circular economy initiatives for a greener future

A new initiative bails all shrink wrap used throughout DPD services at its central registered office and hub.

The shrink wrap is then processed into raw plastic material, which is sold on. The money made from this sale goes into DPD Eco Fund, which supports green initiatives.

In 2020, the Eco Fund delivered donations worth £200,000 to all kinds of environmentally positive projects and initiatives in London and beyond.

Greenest delivery – Reuse, reduce and recycle

As green couriers, DPD is keen to work with partners and clients to deliver sustainable initiatives that benefit everyone.

This is where Project ReLove comes in. Working with partner ASOS, DPD launched a service that allows people to recycle unwanted clothing.

DPD drivers ensure their green courier aims are fulfilled by collecting unwanted clothes as they deliver the ASOS package to the individual.

The couriers bring the clothes back to the central hub, and from there, they’re redistributed to one of five charities.

DPD’s 1,2,3,4 strategy

DPD UK’s 1,2,3 strategy has built the company up into a leading delivery service in London and beyond for a decade.

By adding the fourth element – sustainability – into their strategy, the UK’s leading delivery company will deliver a better future.

The idea is not to compromise on service quality but to ensure that DPD is the most successful and sustainable greenest delivery company in the UK.